Suhail Saleem  


He was born in Haifa in 1938. He was ten years old when his mother fled to Lebanon because of the 1948 War in Palestine . He had to work as a farm laborer at such an early age, in Jewish settlements 50 miles away from his parents' home village, Um Al Fahem, at a time when an Arab's movement from one place to another required a permit from the Israeli Military Governor.

At the age of 32, he was able to see his mother for the first time since she had fled to Lebanon . Due to his difficult situation, he wasn't given the chance to learn at school .However, he resumed his education in Hebrew at an afternoon Jewish school. Later, he studied theatre in Tel Aviv.

These were the legacy he has left after his long struggle with cancer that led to his death on 2nd January1998 at the age of 60.

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الشاعر و النحات

راضي عبد الجواد

Radi Abd El Jawad

 زوروا معرض الفنان

راضي عبد الجواد

استطلاع الرأي- نسيم السنديان الثقافية-
هل الأنظمة العربية أقل إجراماً من الأمريكان في أبو غريب

ليس هناك إجرام للأنظمة العربية
هناك جرائم و لكن ليس بهذا المستوى
- لا أدري -ربّما
لا بل أكثر بشاعة
إجرام الأنظمة العربية يفوق التصوّر

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