Radi Abd El Jawad  

Poet and Sculptor        The Society Chairman                    For Arabic ,click here. للغة العربية أنقر هنا    الموقع لا يزال تحت الإنشاء

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* Since the mid-seventies I have published my poems in the local literary magazines. * In 1981,I published my first poetry book in Arabic “ Sun and Olive Tree Songs “, focussing on freedom, justice, world peace and all kinds of suffering from persecution, in general, and the Palestinian suffering in the Occupied    Territories , in particular.

*In 1984, I published my Arabic translation of the American Jewish researcher, Prof. Ian Lustick’s book “ Arabs in the Jewish State “, which analyzes the Strategy and the tactics that the Zionist movement has practiced in order to subjugate and control the remaining Arab minority in what he intentionally calls "the Jewish State", instead of “Israel”. He argues that Israel was established only for the Jews and so it can't be a democratic state as long as it doesn't change its religious ethnic nature as stated in the so-called "Independence Declaration" which stands for the constitution in democratic and even non-democratic countries.

* I am specialized in sculpture .I had my first own art show in UmAl Fahem in 1994 .

I have shared in other 8 art shows.

 *I am the Chairman, and one of the founders, of

“Naseem Al Sindian Cultural Society “ based in Um Al Fahem.

* I am preparing to publish my first novel in (Arabic), " Climbing

 the Bottom" which will soon be published.


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الشاعر و النحات

راضي عبد الجواد

Radi Abd El Jawad

 زوروا معرض الفنان

راضي عبد الجواد

استطلاع الرأي- نسيم السنديان الثقافية-
هل الأنظمة العربية أقل إجراماً من الأمريكان في أبو غريب

ليس هناك إجرام للأنظمة العربية
هناك جرائم و لكن ليس بهذا المستوى
- لا أدري -ربّما
لا بل أكثر بشاعة
إجرام الأنظمة العربية يفوق التصوّر

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